Creating ‘Sincerely Sophie’.

I started creating ASMR videos in June 2017 as a creative outlet. ASMR is very near and dear to me as I used it every night to help me sleep whilst my brother was in hospital having brain surgery.

I’ve always been someone who wears their heart on their sleeve but I found myself becoming very introverted and keeping my anxiety a secret. I would have regular panic attacks and moments where I felt out of control but I would be very good at removing myself in social situations during episodes. ASMR gave me an escape and helped me to find a community of caring people who knew what it was like to feel alone and overwhelmed.

I started making ASMR after introducing it to my boyfriend, Mathew, and he insisted I give it a try. I was currently on summer break from my first year at University and was craving a way to keep busy. I immediately became very passionate and determined to build my channel and share ASMR with the UK.

Following the ASMR channel, I decided it was time for me to share with my community the lighter side of who I was. I opened ‘Sincerely Sophie’ in the Summer of 2018 with the hopes of posting frequently. Beginning my final year of University brought me back to reality with the full force of long hours and assessment deadlines meaning I couldn’t focus on doing what I loved.

Finally I am 4 weeks from completing my degree and ready to re-focus my energy into sharing more of my life with you all! I’m opening this blog too to give me another way of posting what I’m excited about.

Expect to see plenty of lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogposts and videos on my channel, as well of course as more ASMR content.

I’ve got an exciting year ahead that I cannot wait to talk about: Disney trips, buying our first home and graduating too of course (fingers crossed!!).

I hope you join me this year and let me share a little bit of sunshine with you.

All my love,

Sincerely, Sophie x