Graduation Outfits that don't break your budget!

Graduation Outfits

That don’t break the bank!

The thought of this era ending brings a shiver down my spine. Three years of work concluding and the only thing I can think of:


Still polishing off the last of your student loan, now is not the best time to be buying lavish gowns that cost £500+ just so they can be worn once. Also, the dress code is always so loosely put together that trying to sus out how your friends are dolling up for the occasion is a nightmare!

Dun du da dun! Here I am to the rescue with 8 different outfits that not only cost less than £100 ( Bargain! ) but also fit nicely into that bracket between occasion wear and casual - meaning you’ll probably find a reason to wear it again and it won’t sit in your wardrobe collecting mothballs for the next 5 years!

Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1321.jpg


Club L London

White Bardot Frill Detail Split Leg Jumpsuit


This split leg jumpsuit looks great for a summer graduation. Plus, It’s guaranteed to be a little bit different to what everyone else is wearing. It’s a stretchy crepe material and is really comfortable: perfect for a long day of waiting to take photos. This jumpsuit is great for anyone wishing to create the illusion of longer legs with the added bonus of cinching in the waist. Word of caution - if you’re a messy eater, don’t wear white!

Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1401.jpg



Red Cold Shoulder Frill Maxi Dress


Feeling Fiery? This dress really pushes that red carpet glamour feel but is still comfortable! Again it’s made from a material with loads of stretch and hugs all the right places. Also this split leg frill at the bottom of the dress gives me a flamenco feel and will look amazing peeking through the graduation robes!

Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1448.jpg



Petite mini dress with embellished crop top and tulle skirt


This one definitely feels like a party dress with all the sparkle from the embellishments. The sleeves sit almost like a shawl and the high collar adds something a bit different to this otherwise dainty feeling dress.

Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1479.jpg



Petite midi dress with crop top and 3D embellished collar


I am in love with this rose pink colour! This midi dress is a little more conservative than the rest and feels like something we’d see Kate Middleton wear. The embellished collar adds that little pop of glam and excitement, and the flow of the material gives a really romantic, feminine feel.

Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1480.jpg



Petite Strappy Ruffle Scuba Prom Mini Dress


This dress is perfectly adaptable to any season. A stylish yet formal mini dress for the summer season, but can still be worn in the later months paired with black tights. It’s rich aubergine colour works well with all skin tones and makes the dress feel more expensive than it is!

Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1512.jpg



Premium quilted cup detail midi bodycon dress with pephem

I call this the Madonna dress because of it’s boob cups and quilting! If you’re looking to feel more grown up, like a ‘coming of age’ moment at your graduation, this is definitely the dress. The pephem shape is also very flattering - hiding any big meal you might have eaten the night before!


Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1519.jpg



Petite pearl embellished one shoulder mini prom dress


I added this dress into the mix for all of you who love a one-shouldered piece (definitely not my cup of tea) and the low price is amazing . This dress felt very pretty and young and the pearls matched beautifully with my earrings. Word of advice with this dress - keep a sewing kit near by because those beads can fly!

Sophhie Prom Dress Photo Shoot 24-04-2019 WEB-1531.jpg



Pink Floral Short Sleeve Pussy Bow Neck Dress


SilkFred is my new guilty pleasure and you can see why! this dress is the most comfortable by far and is definitely the style to go for if you’re more of a laid back kind of person. The small roses make the dress feel really romantic and it could be dressed uppitiest or dressed down depending on the dress code.